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PMTCT Training for Private Health Facilities

The MoHSW, Tanzania recognises the crucial role of private health facilities in implementing PMTCT services. The MoHSW therefore organised and facilitated a training on current PMTCT practices including Option B+ implementation for representatives from private health care facilities. The training took place in Bagamoyo, Tanzania

Featured Publications

Childbearing experiences following an HIV diagnosis in Iringa, Tanzania

Tanzania is estimated to have 1.5 million people living with HIV, close to half are women of childbearing age. With expanded access to ART many are living longer and desire to have children. This article describes the experiences of conceiving and having children following an HIV diagnosis among women and men living in Iringa, Tanzania. [read more …]

Prevalence and social drivers of HIV among married and cohabitating heterosexual adults in south-eastern Tanzania: analysis of adult health community cohort data

In Tanzania evidence on social drivers influencing the differential distribution of HIV among individuals living in stable relationships is still limited, and mainly based on qualitative studies among married women. This study analyzed data from a community health cohort study in Ifakara region, Tanzania.  This study is a cross sectional study that used data from [read more …]

Use of a comprehensive HIV care cascade for evaluating HIV program performance: Findings from 4 sub-saharan African countries

The HIV treatment cascade is a tool that has been adapted by HIV programs to evaluate the quality of scaling up of adult HIV care and treatment by measuring the proportion of patients achieving essential steps in the HIV continuum of care necessary to maximize individual health and population prevention benefits of ART. However the [read more …]