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PMTCT Training for Private Health Facilities

The MoHSW, Tanzania recognises the crucial role of private health facilities in implementing PMTCT services. The MoHSW therefore organised and facilitated a training on current PMTCT practices including Option B+ implementation for representatives from private health care facilities. The training took place in Bagamoyo, Tanzania

Featured Publications

Challenges of disseminating clinical practice guidelines in a weak health system: the case of HIV and infant feeding recommendations inTanzania

This qualitative study was conducted in Mbarali district of Mbeya region in Tanzania. There is currently not enough information available on barriers to the implementation of clinical guidelines in low-income settings with weak health systems, this study aimed to document such barriers and facilitating factors in the implementation of PMTCT guidelines with a focus on [read more …]

Improved identification and enrolment into care of HIV exposed and infected infants and children following a community health worker intervention in Lilonge, Malawi

This publication is a report of an outreach programme in Malawi which utilized CHWs to improve uptake and utilization of PMTCT, EID and paediatric HIV care services. The report summarizes the design and examines the impact on identification and enrollment into care of HIV exposed and infected infants and children. The programme ran for four [read more …]

Bidirectional links between HIV and intimate partner violence in pregnancy: implications for prevention of mother to child transmission

A qualitative study to explore the links between IPV and HIV-related health among pregnant women and service providers in Johannesburg, South Africa. Ensuring PMTCT adherence is crucial as more countries move towards Option B+ policy to ensure all HIV + pregnant women are initiated on life-long ART. Many structural drivers including stigma, poverty, transport costs [read more …]