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The Ministry of Health and Social Welfare held the PMTCT stakeholders meeting on 18th November 2015. It brought together PMTCT partners in Tanzania to discuss various issues pertaining to PMTCT programs in the country.

The National PMTCT coordinator shared the progress of eMTCT to date, with other partners also sharing their updates. The meeting provided a good platform to discuss and share best practices with regards to PMTCT and look at the way forward.

Featured Publications

The science of what needs to be done to prevent transmission from parents to children is known but questions on “how to”  remain. This is apparent especially in limited resource settings that prevent access to prevention services. Approaches described include, the “healthy beginning” initiative in Nigeria and support for breastfeeding mothers with HIV through volunteer [read more …]

ART use averting huge numbers of opportunistic infections among HIV- positive children in lower income countries

A systematic review that shows an overall trend of reduced incidence and prevalence for most OIs after ART initiation. A total of 88 studies involving at least 66,000 children were included in this analysis. Studies had to have at least 50 HIV+ children, conducted between 1990 and 2013 and reporting incidence and or prevalence of [read more …]

Option B+ has enabled Malawi to make significant progress towards 90-90-90

Four years later after the inception of Option B+ Malawi has seen the proportion of women with HIV who are diagnosed increase from 49%  to 80%. Similarly viral suppression  now stands at 48% from 2%. Malawi was the first country to introduce Option B+ for PMTCT in 2011. Since then many other countries have adopted [read more …]